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Equipe / Group: BIP 07

I obtained my PhD in 2013 on Chemical science at University of Siena (Italy). My research was principally focused on the application of SDSL-EPR spectroscopy for the investigation of protein conformations and dynamics. I spent a period (2011-2012) as PhD visiting student in the EPR group of prof. W.L. Hubbell (UCLA, Los Angeles) to acquire advanced knowledge about the application of spin labels and EPR techniques in the field of structural biology. After my PhD (2014-2015) I had a postdoctoral position in the X-ray Crystallography group of prof. S. Mangani (University of Siena, Italy) working on the characterization of inhibitors of proteins implied in parasitic infections. Then, I joined the group of B. Guigliarelli (2015-2016, Marseille, France) to develop new strategies for in-cell EPR experiments on proteins. From 2017 to 2020, I was postdoc at CERM (Center Magnetic Resonance, University of Florence, Italy) under the supervision of Prof. R. Pierattelli and Prof. L. Banci to combine EPR and NMR spectroscopies for the structural analysis of different proteins in solution. In 2020, I moved back to the EPR group of CNRS-Marseille to work with V. Belle on the conformational analysis of proteins implied in DNA reparation mechanisms with SDSL-EPR and DEER approaches.
My research is focused on the application of paramagnetic tags for the characterization of structures and mechanisms of actions of proteins using multiple spectroscopic techniques, such as SDSL-EPR and NMR.

ORCID id: 0000-0002-4226-2864


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