Biophysique des métalloprotéines et des systèmes dynamiques

Biophysics of metalloproteins and dynamic systems


Teaching at Aix Marseille University

Assistant professors and professors of the “Biophysique des métalloprotéines” research group are highly involved in teaching at Aix-Marseille University (

Our team is composed of chemists, physicists and a biologist. We are then involved in various  training programs in chemistry, physics and biochemistry, from undergraduate to Master levels:

       Bsc. degree in Chemistry

       Bsc. degree in Physics

       Bsc. degree in Biochemistry

       Msc. degree in Chemistry

       Msc. degree in Nanosciences

       Msc. degree in Biochemistry “Biologie Structurale, Génomique”

In particular, we are highly involved in setting up teaching trainings at the interface between chemistry and biology. For instance, in the Master degree in chemistry, we have contributed to the creation of  the “life chemistry” program and actively participate in it.

In the Master degree of “Biologie structurale, génomique” (master BSG), at the interface between biology and several analytical and spectroscopic techniques, people of the team are involved in lectures and  practicals  on : Spectroscopies (EPR), proteins dynamics, metals in biology, enzymology. We are also involved in the organization of this Master.

PhD Plinius Program

BIP laboratory is part of the Institute for Microbiology  Bio-energies and Bio-technologies (IM2B, For the training of postgraduate students, a PhD program is very active (Plinius Cursus). The team organizes yearly a 2 days practicals to introduce the basics of EPR to volunteer PhD candidates  (“EPR in biology”). Eric PILET () is the co-chair of the Plinius Cursus organizing committee.

EPR schools and workshops

Because of our expertise in EPR techniques, we are regularly  involved in EPR training schools in France and abroad, together with the French association of EPR (ARPE).  We give lectures on theoretical and experimental aspects of EPR spectroscopy, from beginner to expert levels, and set up original EPR practicals. For more information, see or contact us.

We are active members of the FrenchBic network ( which gathers scientists working on all aspects of bioinorganic chemistry / metals in biology. In this network, we promote the application of EPR techniques to investigate the structure and function of biological systems.

FEBS Schools

We have been involved in FEBS schools (  In particular, we participated to the “FEBS Practical Course on Integrated Approaches to Biomolecular interactions” in Seville (Spain) in 2018, where we proposed EPR practicals applied to biological systems.


Each year, we welcome students from Bsc. to Msc degrees (chemistry, physics and biochemistry) for internships in our team. We will post here the opportunities proposed by the group researchers but students interested in our research projects are welcome to contact us directly !