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25 years of work on the same enzyme, and plans for the 15 years to come – this may sound like an obsession. What is so special about the Rieske/cytb complex to keep me busy for decades?
Rieske/cytb complexes are part of most bioenergetics reaction chains. They accept electrons from the quinone pool and transfer them to a terminal oxidase. Whatever quinone reductase and terminal oxidase there are, you will nearly always find the Rieske/cytb as the third party and this ever since the common ancestor of all living beings.
Working with the Rieske/cytb complex is therefore like travelling with a faithful companion: it takes you to a stroll across biodiversity, makes you meet many different metabolisms and allows a time-travel back to the Last Universal Common Ancestor.
Like photos in a family album I sample members of the Rieske/cytb enzyme family on this journey, trace down their common threads to conclude on the essentials empowering function while marveling at their diversity, thereby exploring a wide range of adaptations and interactions with their metabolic environment.

Keywords: Rieske/cytb complex, bc1 complex, b6f complex, heme ci, electron bifurcation, anammox metabolism, evolution of bioenergetics

ORCID id: 0000-0002-2612-4939


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