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Equipe / Group: BIP 09

Nothing in the emergence and subsequent evolution of life makes sense except in the light of Bioenergetics (freely riffing on Dobzhansky’s catchphrase)
The extraordinary generation of order characterising living cells is driven by electrochemical disequilibria (i.e. tensions between reducing and oxidising redox compounds provided by the environment or internally induced by absoption of photons). At BIP09 we pursue a comparative study of diverse prokaryotic bioenergetic systems (both entire bioenergetic chains and individual enzymes) to infer the minimal common core of biological energy conversion. This common core potentially provides leads towards the type of free energy conversion which had driven life into existence in the first place. We furthermore use this information to investigate possible mineral precursors to life’s earliest bioenergetic systems.
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ORCID id: 0000-0003-2084-3032


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