Evolution de la bioénergétique

Evolution of bioenergetics


Arsenic Metabolism

With A. Magalon, LCB, IMM, Marseille, on Mo-enzymes ;

With F. Pierrel and S. Abby, TIMC, Grenoble, on quinones biosynthesis ;

With J.M. Santini, UCL, Londres, on Aio ;

With M.J. Romão and T. Santos-Silva, FCT-UNL, Lisbon, for structural aspects on Aio ;

With T. Soulimane, limerick, Irland, on Thermus thermophilus sulphite dehydrogenase;

With C. Dahl, Bonn, Germany, on sulphur metabolism;

With S. Leimkühler, Potsdam, Germany, on TMAO reductase TorA;

With L. Staicu, Warsaw, Poland, on selenium metabolism;

With V. Yurkov, Manitoba, on aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs

Electron Bifurcation

James Birrell – MPI CEC in Mühlheim, Germany

Myriam Brugna – BiP 05

Carol Baffert – BIP 05

Mineral chemistry, characterization, proto-metabolism

Daniel Ferry – Aix-Marseille University

Olivier Grauby – Aix-Marseille University

Michael Russell – NASA JPL / University of Turin

François Guyot – Sorbonne University

Georges Ona Nguema – Sorbonne University

Mustapha Abdelmoula – University of Lorraine

Romain Coustel – University of Lorraine

Christian Ruby – University of Lorraine

Fabienne Trolard – University d’Avignon

Guilhem Bourrie – INRA French National Institute for Agricultural Research